The BATARAGURU system (BTG for short) is the computing platform with resources distributed all over the world. The BTG is addressed mainly to engineers and scientists who do not have time or do not have qualifications in the field of operating systems or software management or are not professional programmers. The system delivers well-known computing tools as notebooks, kernels management tools, visualization tools and interactive interfaces for many languages used in computing and simulations field like R, Julia, Python, C/C++, Fortran.


The first (frontal) layer of the BTG consists of virtual machines operating all the graphical user interfaces (GUIs). The load balancing mechanism chooses the machine you will use. If concrete machine is not available you will be redirected to the next one operating. The environment of the first layer enables formalization of computational problems and tasks as well as operating on input and output big data sets. The second (back-end) layer consists of dispersed computational power in the form of kernels. Each kernel engages appropriate number of virtual CPUs and virtual RAM. Each kernel is also connected to adequate storage resources for reading and writing data.


All remote kernels are managed from the frontal layer. If you formalize the computational problem, BTG tries to divide it to optimal subtasks and send it to remote kernels operating in back-end layer. When all the computations are finished BTG sends the results to frontal layer. They can be viewed as parts of data structures or be visualized in 2D or 3D.


Who we are

We are the team of IT professionals, programmers, engineers, scientists as well as world-class investors who want to address the main computational engineering problems of the real world without unnecessary worries about installing systems or databases or specialized software. We are engaged in many engineering and scientific fields including physics, mathematics, statistics, informatics, signal processing, bioinformatics, fluid dynamics, chaos, cryptography as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence. We also operate the very innovative and global R&D department employing many domain specialists from around the world. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form below.


The computing power

The computing power forming kernels utilizes the virtual processors (vCPU) and virtual RAM (vRAM) as well as storage resources dispersed all over the world. Nowadays we are co-operating with almost one hundred of data centers mainly from Asia and South America and still growing. Our main goal is to deliver the computational kernels as cheap and quick as only possible using continuous offerings of our contractors. Therefore we can manage of plethora virtual computing resources scattered all over the world seamlessly.


The future

We are very aware of rapidly accelerating changes in present technical world. The two near revolutions we see are Internet of Things and intelligent robotics. Therefore we are seriously preparing ourselves and our businesses for the new world. In the next decade all technical creations from simple plug to spaceships will be connected and “talking” to each other. This requires huge amounts of computing power and storage. We plan to help this new world operating in the seamless way without bothering its users with technical deep-hidden and highly unfriendly details. Although we are present mainly in Asia we are going in a very short time to enter Europe, Oceania and North America. So stay tuned!


Remote Kernels Performed


Satisfied Contractors


Cooperating Datacenters


Environments and Tools

Why Select Us?

We understand your needs and flexibly adapt to your requirements.

Flexible computing clouds along with ready-made tools and environments allow for quick testing and implementation of ideas on the market.


All our solutions provide a high level of security in accordance with the OWASP guidelines. Computational resources are effectively protected against DOS attacks using certified software. Communication always takes place using VPN channels.


Calculation resources in the form of remote kernels, workers and virtual processors aa well as operational memory are flexibly adjusted to meet computational tasks while optimizing calculation time and costs.

No Technical
Experience Needed

System users do not have to be IT specialists. Provided environments are dedicated mainly to engineers, scientists and technologists by focusing on handling computational problems, not resource management.


The solutions provided allow for accurate reporting of the use of computing power in the form of resources. The scheduler mechanism ensures optimal resource loading in accordance with computational tasks.


The system uses only proven solutions that have been present on the market for many years. Each mechanism is thoroughly tested before its implementation.

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